miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2020

Journey Into Mystery With The Mighty Thor #83 Cover Recreation By Sol Rac

Quarantine stuff: Feeling the challenge of inking the great Jack Kirby's pencil for an unused cover for "What If?" No. 10 "August, 1978" I took that idea and recreated a cover of "Journey Into Mystery with The Migthy Thor" #83

Cosas de la cuarentena: sentir el desafio de entintar el lapiz del gran Jack Kirby para una cubierta no utilizada para "What If?" No. 10 "August, 1978" Tomé esa idea y recreé una cubierta de "Journey Into Mystery with The Migthy Thor" #83

The Mighty Thor Created by Jack Kirby & Stan Lee
Thor / Jane Foster: Original drawn Jack Kirby (unused cover)
Writer: Don Glut  Consulting editor: Jim Shooter
What If? Vol 1 #10  August, 1978
Copyright Marvel Comics

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