miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2020

Journey Into Mystery With The Mighty Thor #83 Cover Recreation By Sol Rac

Quarantine stuff: Feeling the challenge of inking the great Jack Kirby's pencil for an unused cover for "What If?" No. 10 "August, 1978" I took that idea and recreated a cover of "Journey Into Mystery with The Migthy Thor" #83

Cosas de la cuarentena: sentir el desafio de entintar el lapiz del gran Jack Kirby para una cubierta no utilizada para "What If?" No. 10 "August, 1978" Tomé esa idea y recreé una cubierta de "Journey Into Mystery with The Migthy Thor" #83

The Mighty Thor Created by Jack Kirby & Stan Lee
Thor / Jane Foster: Original drawn Jack Kirby (unused cover)
Writer: Don Glut  Consulting editor: Jim Shooter
What If? Vol 1 #10  August, 1978
Copyright Marvel Comics

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2020

28.1th PSYCHOBILLY MEETING Pineda de Mar 2021

Esta año pasara y el año que viene sera increíble ! Psychobilly Meeting #28.1 Pineda de Mar 2021, Si compraste los tickets y quieres apoyar este festival guarda tus tickets , no te vas arrepentir !!

This year will pass and next year will be amazing! Psychobilly Meeting # 28.1 Pineda de Mar 2021, If you bought the tickets and want to support this festival, save your tickets, you will not regret!!!!

martes, 31 de marzo de 2020

miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2020

Gnarly Magazine # 12 "Spring issue"

Cover art for Gnarly Magazine # 12 "Spring issue", 

more Sol Rac reportage and much more!

Thank you very much Gnarly Magazine for this great opportunity! It is a great honor and a great pleasure !! https://gnarlymagazine.com/…

miércoles, 11 de marzo de 2020